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Flowers are the best way to say what you feel and brighten every moment of your life.
Flowers Planet

- About Us -

We are a Colombian Brand dedicated to International and Local trade of all kind of flowers. We are part of TRANSINTERCARGO GROUP, a prestigious business logistics group with more than 20 years of experience, who found in flowers an excellent opportunity for business and growth.

We maintain commercial links with production partners throughout the region, mainly in Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Relationships that allow us to meet the best parameters of quality, competitive prices and good availability.

We have offices in Colombia and the United States from where we can meet all your business needs.

We want to give you the best experience getting flowers with us!

Buy and give happiness!

We are Flower’s Planet, a planet full of flowers


From our fields
to your best moments

Our flowers are carefully cultivated and selected by expert hands who put all their dedication and love so that you can bring smiles and happiness to your life and that of those you love.

- Our Flowers -

Brighten your days with our beautiful varieties

We have a great variety of beautiful flowers, in different presentations that will help you cover all your needs, we also offer you excellent times and total compliance thanks to our careful logistics operation.

Valentine's Day

A season dedicated to love.

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Flowers Planet

St. Patricks

A very special and very green season.

Buy and give happiness!

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