Flower festival 2022

We were present at the 2022 Flower Fair and we can safely say that it is a must-see event for all of us flower lovers. The color, the shapes, the beauty and of course the people, make this a unique and attractive fair to visit in any of its editions.

We visited some traditional farms in Santa Elena and its surroundings, there we had the pleasure of walking through their beautiful gardens and appreciating the beauty of their flowers up close. Most of the silletas that adorn the fair are born in this village to the east of Medellín. Its friendly inhabitants have kept this tradition alive for many years.

We also enjoy their delicious food, desserts, events, concerts, dances and another series of artistic displays related to this beautiful and colorful world.

We cordially invite all our friends and followers to visit this wonderful fair next year and enjoy the beauty of its flowers, and of course the warmth and friendliness of its people.

Flower’s Planet